Customizing the LTE Setting for a Venue

If you want to customize the LTE settings of a venue, you can override the default parameters.

Follow these steps to customize the LTE settings of a venue.
  1. On the Dashboard, click Venues.
  2. Click the name of the venue for which you want to customize the LTE settings.
    The venue overview page appears.
  3. In the Venue Settings section, click Edit after the LTE Settings.
    The Edit LTE Settings page appears.
  4. Configure the following parameters:
    • In the Timing Masters field, click the Manage button to manage the timing masters. The Manage Timing Masters dialog appears. You can select up to six LTE APs to be designated as Timing Masters per Venue. Click Save to save the settings.
      Note: Unless all LTE APs are configured as GPS, or the Venue has only one LTE AP configured, each Venue must have at least one Timing Master selected. If a Venue has just one LTE AP configured, the AP can operate in a stand alone mode an it will not require GPS synchronization.
    • In the Management VLAN ID field, enter the VLAN number. This can be any value ranging from 1 through 4094.

      Users in other VLANs cannot establish remote access sessions unless they are routed to the management VLAN. This provides an additional layer of security.

    • In the PTP VLAN ID field, enter a valid VLAN ID. The valid value can be ranging from 1 through 4094.
      Note: The Management VLAN, PTP VLAN, and External Device are optional fields.
    • In the Venue Type field, select one of these venue types: dense, moderate, or sparse.
    • In the TTD Configuration field, select one of the TTD configurations. By default, TDD configuration is set to TDD config. 1
  5. Click Save to complete the settings.
You have completed customizing the LTE settings of a venue.