AP Statuses

Checking the status of an LTE AP periodically helps you detect and address existing or potential issues.

AP statuses are grouped into four main status categories containing additional status:

  • Green (Operational) : Indicates that the AP is operating normally and is transmitting; capable of providing LTE service to clients.

  • Red (AP Disconnected): Indicates that the LTE AP is currently experiencing issues and unable to connect to Management platform.
  • Gray (Never Contacted Cloud): Indicates that the LTE AP is currently in the setup process and yet to establish first contact with LTE AP Management.
  • Yellow or Orange (Connected): Indicates that the AP is connected with the AP Management, albeit is unable to transmit due to a disruption of one of it's essential requirements to provide service. For more information, refer to GUID-4B7FA72F-BF1B-4E58-8CC5-DAD82D347066.html#GUID-4B7FA72F-BF1B-4E58-8CC5-DAD82D347066__GUID-F6B7E509-1D90-4020-9570-F69DB1EA3D07