Viewing Switch Reports

From the RUCKUS One web interface, you can view the reports pertaining to a switch.

Complete the following steps to view a switch report.
  1. On the navigation bar, click Wired > Wired Reports.
    The Switches page is displayed. The Wired Reports page displays the following information:
    • Total Switches
    • Total Traffic
    • Total Tx/Rx
    • Top Switches By Traffic
    • Top Switches By Traffic Over Time
    • Top Switches by PoE Usage
    • Top Switches by PoE Usage Over Time
    • Top Switches by Errors
    • Top Switches by Errors Over Time
    • Traffic Trend

    You can schedule the report generation, select the format of the report (PNG, CSV and PDF), and email the report to recipients by clicking the Schedule button. Click the Export icon to download the report as a PDF or PNG file.