Accessing the Mesh Topology of a Venue

From the RUCKUS One web interface, you can view the Mesh topoloy of a venue.

Complete the following steps to view the Mesh information at the venue details level.
  1. On the navigation bar, click Venues.
    The Venues page is displayed.
  2. Click Venue Name > Devices. Alternatively, click AP number in the Wi-Fi APs column.
    By default, the Wi-Fi page is displayed.
    Wi-Fi Page
  3. Click Mesh icon.
    The Mesh topology table displays all the APs that are part of a Mesh topology. APs that are in venues that are not set to support Mesh are not listed. There is an expand button next to the names of the root APs.
    Mesh Topology
  4. Click the expand button to list the Mesh access points that are connected to the root AP. Click the expand button for each Mesh access point to view the properties of the access point.
    Note: If a venue is not set to support Mesh, the Wi-Fi details page that is displayed when you click the Devices tab will not show the Mesh option. If you have defined the venue as Mesh but have not added any APs, you will still find the Mesh option. However, when you click, you are prompted with the message that no Mesh APs are added.