Viewing Existing Venues

You can view the venue that you have created in your RUCKUS One account. By default, a venue named My-Venue exists.

Complete the following steps to view the existing venues.
  1. On the navigation bar, click Venues.
    The Venues page is displayed.
  2. The Venues page displays a list of existing venues, including the following information:
    • Venue: The name assigned to the venue. To view details about this venue, click the venue name.
    • Address: The city where the venue is physically located.
    • Wi-Fi APs: The number of access points that have been added to the venue. To view details about the APs, pause your pointer on or click the AP number. If present, the icon alerts you to possible feature incompatibilities between the APs and the features in this venue.
    • Wi-Fi Clients: The number of clients that are currently connected to the Wi-Fi network.
    • Switches: The number of switches that have been added to the venue. To view details about the switch, pause your pointer on or click the switch number.
    • Switch Clients: The number of switch clients that are currently associated.
    • Feature Compatibility: Displays the AP and Wi-Fi feature compatibility as Partially incompatible, Fully compatible, or Unknown. Click Partially incompatible to view details about the feature, minimum required version for the feature to be compatible, supported AP model family, and the current incompatible APs.

    You can customize which fields must appear in the Venues table by clicking the icon and selecting the desired column names. Optionally, you can click Reset to default to have all columns appear in the Venues table.

  3. Click a specific Venue name to view detailed information about it.
    The selected venue page opens, displaying the Overview tab by default.
    Venue Details