Viewing DHCP Pool

From the RUCKUS One web interface, you can view and configure DHCP pool and enable or disable the DHCP service.

Complete the following steps to view access the DHCP pool of a switch.
  1. On the navigation bar, click Venues.
    The Venues page is displayed.
  2. Click Venue Name > Devices > Switch. Alternatively, click Number displayed in the Switches column.
    The Switch tab is displayed.
  3. Click List icon.
    The List tab is displayed.
  4. Click Switch Name under the Switch column.
    The Switches page is displayed.
  5. Select the DHCP tab.
    By default, the Pools sub tab is displayed.
    DHCP Pools Sub Tab
  6. The Pools sub tab displays the following information.
    • Pool Name
    • Address Pool
    • Subnet Mask
    • Lease Time
    • Default Router IP
  7. (Optional) Toggle the DHCP Service state button to ON/OFF.
  8. (Optional) Click Add Pool to configure the DHCP Pool.