Viewing AP Properties

The AP Properties dialog box displays information about the AP including name, venue, serial number MAC address, IP address, timing source, firmware version, and so on.

To view detailed information about an AP from the Access Point overview page, go to the AP Properties section, and then click More.

The AP properties page displays the following information:
  • Venue: The name of the venue to which the AP is deployed.
  • AP Group: The name of the AP group.
  • Description: The description currently assigned to the AP.
  • S/N: The serial number of AP.
  • MAC Address: The MAC address of the AP.
  • IP Address: The IP address that is currently assigned to the AP.
  • Ext. IP Address: The external IP address.
  • Model: The AP model.
  • Type: The type of AP model: indoor or outdoor.
  • FW Version: The firmware release that is currently installed on the AP.
  • Uptime: The time that has elapsed since the AP was last started.
  • Last Seen: The time and date when the AP was last online.