Editing a Floor Plan

Follow these steps to edit a floor plan.
  1. On the Dashboard, click Venues.
  2. On the Venues page, locate the venue from which you want to edit a floor plan.
    The venue Overview page appears.
  3. From the list of image thumbnails at the bottom of the page, click the floor plan image that you want to edit.
    The floor plan is displayed.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click More.
    The action drop-down appears with these three options:
    • Edit Floor Plan
    • Calibrate Floor Plan
    • Delete Floor Plan
  5. Click Edit Floor Plan.
    The Edit Floor Plan dialog appears.
    Edit Floor Plan
  6. Edit the floor plan as necessary.
    • Floor Plan: Enter a name for the floor plan.
    • Floor Number: Specify the floor number.
    • Floor Plan Image: Upload a different floor plan. Click Change Image to change the floor plan image.
  7. Click Save.
You have completed editing a floor plan from a venue.