Importing a Floor Plan

Importing a floor plan to a venue helps you visualize the actual physical locations of your managed APs and to configure the location of LTE APs.

To import a floor plan to your Ruckus LTE AP Management Service account, a floor plan image in the .GIF, .JPG or .PNG format. is required. The floor plan image must conform to the following parameters:
  • Monochrome or grayscale
  • No larger than 1MB in size
  • No larger than 10 inches (720 pixels) per side.
Also, before you start this procedure, save the floor plan image to a location that you can access from the computer that you are using to access the Ruckus LTE AP Management Service web interface.
Follow these steps to import a floor plan.
  1. On the Dashboard, click Venues.
  2. On the Venues page, locate the venue for which you want to import a floor plan.
  3. In the Overview page, Click Get Started tab.
  4. Complete the following fields to add a new floor in this venue:
    • Floor Plan Name: Type a name that you want to assign to the floor. For example, you can type "First Floor" or "Sales".
    • Floor Number: Type or select the floor or level number. Note that "0" is the ground floor, "1" is the first floor, "2" is the second floor, and so on.
    • Floor Plan Image: To upload a floor plan image for this floor, click Upload. When the Open dialog box appears, browse to the location where you saved the floor plan image, select the image, and then click Open.
      Note: If you want to calibrate the floor plan to a map while uploading, select the check box at the bottom left corner of the Add New Floor Plan dialog box. You can choose to calibrate later by clearing the check box. By default, the check box is selected.
  5. Click Add. If you selected the check box to calibrate while uploading, the Floor Plan Calibration dialog box appears.
  6. In the Floor Plan Calibration window, first calibrate your floor plan image to a map, to accurately geo-position your APs. Drag and drop to position the two pins on corresponding features in the floor plan and on the map.
    If you did not select the check-box in the previous step, the imported floor plan appears on the APs tab. A list of APs that have not been placed on any existing floor plans also appear on the right side of the imported floor plan.
    Note: Click the globe icon on top left side of the floor plan to calibrate the floor plan as mentioned in Step 7.
  7. Click Save.
    A progress bar appears as AP Management Service creates the floor plan and uploads the floor plan image to your account. After the process is complete, the floor plan image you imported appears on the list of thumbnails at the bottom of the page.
You have completed importing a floor plan to a venue.