Viewing Wi-Fi Clients Associated with an AP

Follow these steps to view a list of clients associated with a specific Wi-Fi AP.
  1. On the menu, click APs.
    The Access Points page appears.
  2. Click the name of the AP that you want to check for clients.
    The Overview tab of the AP information page appears.
  3. Click the Clients tab.
    The page refreshes, and then Clients tab displays a list of Wi-Fi clients that are currently connected to the Wi-Fi AP, including the following information:
    • OS: Displays the operating system that the wireless client is running.
    • MAC Address: Displays the MAC address of the wireless client.
    • IP Address: Displays the IP address of the wireless client.
    • Username: Displays the user name that was used to authenticate with the AP.
    • Hostname: Displays the host name (or device name) of the wireless client.
    • Network (VLAN): Displays the network service and VLAN ID in brackets to which the wireless client is connected.
    • Time Connected: Displays the length of time that the wireless client has been associated with the AP.
    Note: The information on the Clients tab is not updated in real time. To view the latest information, click the refresh button in the upper-right corner of the tab.
  4. Type the partial or full user name or host name, MAC address, IP address, OS type, AP name or VLAN ID in the search box, and then click the search (magnifying glass) button to search for connected client.
    The Clients tab displays both connected and disconnected (historical) wireless clients. Two lists will display and you may have to scroll down or filter the results using the search box.
    Note: Search criteria for historical clients is restricted to partial or full user name or host name, or MAC address.

    The list of historical (disconnected) clients includes the following information:

    • MAC Address: MAC address of the client
    • Last IP: The last recorded IP address of the client
    • Username: User name used by the user to join the wireless network
    • Hostname: Host name of the client
    • Last Venue: Name of the venue with which the client was last associated
    • Last AP: Name of the last access point with which the client was connected
    • Last Network: Name of the last wireless network that the client had joined
    • Last Seen: The date and time that the client was last connected with the AP
  5. From the list of either connected or disconnected clients, locate the wireless client for which you want to view details, and then click its MAC address.
    The Client MAC Address page appears and displays three sections across two panes followed by five report-type sections. For more details, refer to the Viewing Client Details.
You have completed viewing the wireless clients that are currently associated with an AP.