Viewing Events That Have Occurred on the AP

By periodically monitoring the events that have occurred on an AP or on clients that are associated with the AP, you can detect potential issues.

Follow these steps to view events that have occurred on a particular AP.
  1. On the Dashboard, click APs.
    The Access Points page appears.
  2. From the access point list, click the name of the AP that you want to check.
    The AP information page appears.
  3. Click the Events tab.
    The Events tab appears and displays the latest events that have occurred on the AP in the last 24 hours. The following columns display the event details:
    • Date: The date and time when the event occurred.
    • Severity: The severity level of the event. refer to Event Severity Levels for information on what each severity level means.
    • Event Type: The component that generated the event. Possible values include Admin, AP (for example, an AP was rebooted), Client (for example, a user left the Wi-Fi network) and Notification.
    • Source: If the event occurred on the AP, this column shows the AP name. If the event occurred on a client, this column shows the MAC address of the client.
    • Identifier: The MAC address of the AP on which the event occurred.
    • Description: The Alarm ID and a brief description of the event.
  4. (Optional) Click the View Event icon to view the event details.

    To view the next page, click the right arrow (>). To jump to the last page of events, click the >| arrow.

You have completed viewing events that have occurred on the AP.