Viewing Routed Interfaces

From the configured venue, you can view the routed interface configuration of switch.

To view the routed intefaces, complete the following steps.
  1. On the navigation bar, click Venues.
    The Venues page is displayed.
  2. Select the Venue Name and click Edit. Alternatively, click Venue Name > Configure.
  3. Select the Switch Configuration > Routed Interfaces.
    The Routed Interfaces tab is displayed.
    Routed Interfaces Tab
    The Routed Interfaces tab displays the following information.
    • VE: Diplays the VLAN interface name.
    • VLAN ID: Displays the VLAN ID name.
    • Name: Diplays the name of the VLAN interface.
    • Port Type: Displays the port type.
    • Switch: Displays the switch name.
    • IP Address: Displays the IP address.
    • IP Subnet Mask: Displays the IP subnet mask.
    • Ingress ACL: Displays the Ingress ACL.
    • Egress ACL: Displays the Egress ACL.