Viewing the Ports

From the RUCKUS One web interface, you can view the port list of a switch in a venue.

Complete the following steps to view the port list.
  1. On the navigation bar, click Venues.
    The Venues page is displayed.
  2. Click Venue Name > Devices > Switch. Alternatively, click Number displayed in the Switches column.
    The Switch page is displayed.
  3. Click Port icon to view the ports.
    The Ports tab for the switch appears and displays the following information about each switch port:
    • Port Number: Port number of the switch.
    • Port Name: Port name of the switch.
    • Switch: Name of the switch.
    • Status: Status of the switch.
    • Admin Status: Admin status of the switch
    • Speed:Speed of the switch
    • PoE Device Type: PoE type used in the switch.
    • PoE Usage: PoE usage level in each port of the switch.
    • VLANs: VLAN assigned to each port of the switch.
    • Neighbor Name: Name of the next neighbouring device.

    To search for specific port, enter the port name or port number in the Search field, and click the search () icon. Matching ports are displayed. You can filter the results based on port Status and VLANs ID.

    Ports Page