Viewing Activities in a Venue

You can view the activities on RUCKUS One. Activity events include an audit log of the steps taken as part of the Activity, as well as the time required to perform each action and the success or failure of each step within the activity.

Complete the following steps to view the administrative logs and activities in a venue.
  1. On the navigation bar, click Venues.
    The Venues page is displayed.
  2. Select the Venue Name > Timeline.
    The Timeline page is displayed. This page has activities and events information that have occurred in the venue over the last 24 hours. By default, the Activities tab is displayed.
    Activities Tab
    The Activities tab diplays the following information:
    • Date: Date and time when the activity was carried out.
    • Status: Use the drop-down and select one of the statuses Pending, In progress, Success or Failed.
    • Product: Indicates where the activity was carried out in Switch or Wi-Fi.
    • Source: Name of the account by using which the activity was carried out.
    • Description: Brief description of the activity.