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Getting Started
LTE AP Management Overview
How LTE AP Management Works
Supported Web Browsers
Signing Up for Ruckus LTE AP Management
Logging in to the Ruckus LTE AP Management Portal
Navigating the Ruckus LTE AP Management Web Interface
Getting to Know the Dashboard
Updating Your Profile
Changing Your Password
Resetting Your Password
Logging Out of the Ruckus LTE AP Management Portal
Supported AP Models
Working with Venues
Venues Overview
Adding a Venue
Editing LTE Settings for a Venue
Adding Macro EARFCN
Editing Macro EARFCN
Configuring SAS Account for a Venue
Configuring Software Build Version of the AP Model for a Venue
Viewing Existing Venues
Viewing Venue Information
Viewing Clients Connected to a Venue
Viewing APs Assigned to a Venue
Working with Floor Plans
Importing a Floor Plan
Calibrating the floor plan
Editing a Floor Plan
Editing AP Placement
Deleting a Floor Plan
Viewing Networks Configured for a Venue
Viewing Events That Have Occurred in a Venue
Customizing the LTE Setting for a Venue
Customizing the Wireless Radio Settings
Editing a Venue
Deleting a Venue
Managing Access Points
AP Overview
Adding an AP
AP Statuses
Adding ECGI Records
Adding Certified Professional Installer Details
Certifying an LTE AP
Viewing LTE APs
Viewing ECGI Records
Viewing CPI Details
Viewing Wi-Fi APs
Exporting AP Screen Details
Filtering APs
Viewing AP Details
Viewing Wi-Fi Clients Associated with an AP
Viewing Networks Configured on an AP
Viewing Events That Have Occurred on the AP
Viewing AP Properties
Editing an LTE AP
Editing ECGI Records
Editing Certified Professional Installer Details
Configuring Bonjour Services (Wi-Fi Only)
Creating or Editing a Bonjour Service
Enabling or Disabling a Bonjour Service
Viewing Existing Bonjour Services
Deleting a Bonjour Service
Downloading the AP Logs
Turning AP LEDs ON/OFF
Blink AP LEDs
Rebooting an AP
Resetting an AP to Factory Defaults
Disabling or Enabling AP Service
Deleting an AP from Ruckus LTE AP Management
Managing Wi-Fi Networks
LTE Networks in Ruckus LTE AP Management
LTE Network
Creating an LTE Network
Viewing LTE Network (EPC) details
Viewing LTE APs that are provisioned on a LTE Network (EPC)
Viewing Venues That Are Advertising a Network
Viewing Events That Have Occurred on a Network
Editing an LTE Network
Deleting a Network
Wi-Fi Networks in Ruckus LTE AP Management
Creating Networks Overview
Supported Network Types
Creating a Network That Uses a Pre-Shared Key
Creating a Network That Uses an Enterprise AAA Server
Creating a Network That Uses Cloudpath Onboarding
Creating a Network That Uses a Captive Portal with Click-Through
Creating a Network That Uses a Captive Portal with Self Sign In
Allowing Sign-In Using Facebook
Allowing Sign-In Using Google
Allowing Sign-In Using LinkedIn
Allowing Sign-In Using Twitter
Creating a Network That Uses a Captive Portal with Host Approval
Creating a Network That Uses a Captive Portal with a Guest Pass
Creating an Open Network (No Authentication)
Configuring Advanced Network Settings
Viewing APs That Are Advertising a Network
Editing a Network
Viewing LTE Clients
Viewing Associated LTE Clients
Filtering Associated Clients
Managing Wi-Fi Clients and Guests
Viewing Associated Clients
Filtering Associated Clients
Viewing Client Details
Managing Guests
Creating a Guest Pass
Viewing Guest Passes
Viewing Guest User Details
Disabling a Guest User
Generating a New Guest User Password
Deleting a Guest User
Monitoring Events
Event Monitoring Overview
Event Severity Levels
Event Types
Event List
Viewing Events
Exporting Events to a CSV File
Viewing Analytics
Analytics Overview
Available LTE Analytics Report
Statistics Supported in LTE AP
KPIs Supported in LTE AP
Accessing LTE KPIs
Available Analytics Reports
Client Traffic
Unique Clients
Number of Sessions
Session Inventory
Session Duration
AP Traffic
Viewing and Filtering Wi-Fi Analytics Data
Performing Administrative Tasks
Performing Administrative Tasks
Viewing Your Account Details
Viewing Administrators
Understanding Administrator Roles
Adding an Administrator
Editing or Deleting an Administrator
Inviting a Ruckus Partner to Manage Your Account
Configuring Notification Settings
Adding an Email Address for System Notifications
Editing, or Deleting an Email Address for System Notifications
Adding an SMS Address
Editing or Deleting a Mobile Number
Using the Support Options on the Web Interface
Viewing Your License Information
Adding a SAS Account
Editing a SAS Account
Viewing Your SAS Account
Deleting a SAS Account
Enabling or Disabling Access Restriction
Sending Feedback
Reporting an Issue
Troubleshooting Basic Issues
Login Issues
AP Is Unable to Connect to Ruckus LTE AP Management
Firewall Ports to Open for RUCKUS LTE AP Management
Troubleshooting LTE Issues
Initial Setup Issues
Venue Status Check using Alarms
Collecting LTE AP Logs via LTE AP Management
Debugging Performance Issues
AP States in LTE AP Management
Ruckus LTE Alarms
Temperature Critical Alarm
Temperature Warning Alarm
LTE Radio OpState Disabled Alarm
RSC at max capacity
Loss of Sync Sources Alarm
HoldOver Timeout Alarm
Dead Peer Detection Alarm
SCTP Association Failure Alarm
File Upload Failure Alarm
Software Activation Failure Alarm
Configuration Image Download Failure Alarm
Server Authentication Failure Alarm
Server Certificate Revoked Alarm
Server Revocation Check Failure Alarm
Server Root CA Certificate Missing or Expired Alarm
OCSP Server not Reachable Alarm
NTP TOD Sync Failure Alarm
RA/CA not reachable Alarm
Ruckus LTE AP Disconnected from Management Cloud SeGW
Enrolment Failure Alarm
CBSD Registration Error Alarm
CBSD Grant Error Alarm
CBSD Grant Suspended Alarm
SAS Certificate Expired Alarm
SAS Certificate Invalid Alarm
SAS not Reachable Alarm
CBSD Installation Error Alarm
Conclusive CBSD Location Change Detection Alarm
Probable CBSD Location Change Detection Alarm
RSC Startup Failure Alarm
tx LO Sync Loss Alarm
rx LO Sync Loss Alarm
txPowerExceededMax Alarm
txPowerOutOfBounds Alarm
rxDiversity Alarm
GPS Lost Alarm
LTE SecGW Alarms
LTE Controller Alarms
Configuration Failure Alarm
Synchronization Error Alarm
Configuration Pending Alarm
TDD Configuration Failure Alarm
LTE RSM Alarms
Configuration Failure Alarm